Meet Our Executive Team


Co-Presidents: Varun Vijayababu and Brian Atiniramit

Varun is a senior at Westview High School. He joined STS because he wants to make an impact in my community and help other people gain education outside of our school system. Varun's interests are in STEM, specifically medicine. He also enjoys rock climbing and playing the violin. Brian is a senior at Westview High School. He joined STS to help make a difference around him. Brian's interests are in Medicine, and enjoys playing soccer.

Meet Devansh Khunteta, the Chief Technology Officer of Students Tutor Students

Chief Technology Officer: Devansh Khunteta

Devansh is a senior at Jesuit High School and the Chief Technology Officer of Students Tutor Students. Devansh's primary interests lie in Computer Science and advocacy, and he cares deeply about issues affecting his community. For these reasons, he was inspired to help start STS to build up his community and collaborate with fellow students to improve access to education. His favorite quarantine hobbies are cooking and programming!


Creative Director: Jamie Turner

Jamie is an art student and senior at Jesuit High School. She is super excited to foster her passion for digital art as Students Tutor Students’ Creative Director. Jamie also loves music and playing the guitar. She is passionate about education and grateful to be a part of the Students Tutor Students team.


Public Relations Director: Ziggy Berkoff

Ziggy is a current high school senior. Her favorite quarantine activity is attempting to bake anything that looks good on Pinterest. She also enjoys chemistry and art. She loves getting to know new people and believes the key to a good learning experience is building trust between those teaching and learning. 

Meet our Outreach Director, Aadi Mukherjee!

Outreach Director: Aadi Mukherjee

Aadi is a senior at Sunset High School and the Outreach Director for Students Tutor Students. Seeing the work of his amazing teachers inspired him to give back similarly by helping to provide quality education and opportunity for all. Aadi’s interests primarily lie in math, debate, computer science, and global studies. His favorite quarantine activities are hiking, and watching sports (especially soccer!). In addition, Aadi loves photography and is an avid traveler. He feels privileged to be involved with Students Tutor Students in the fight to make education more accessible in this time of extreme disconnect.

Meet our Assistant Director of App Development, Gaurang Kakodkar!

Assistant Director of App Development: Gaurang Kakodkar

Gaurang is a senior at Jesuit High School and the Assistant Director of App Development for Students Tutor Students. Some of his hobbies and passions are Computer Science and camping. He joined the Students Tutor Students app development team because he wanted to learn more about app development and broaden his understandings of the subject. Some of his favorite hobbies during quarantine have been biking and watching sports.

Meet the Assistant Director of Outreach: Sofia Stone!

Assistant Director of Outreach: Sophia Stone

Sofia is a senior at Oregon Episcopal School and the Assistant Director of Outreach for Students Tutor Students. In her spare time, she enjoys rowing, writing, photography, and reading. In school, Sofia's favorite subjects are Chinese, history, and social studies. She is very thankful to be working alongside the other STS team members on their shared vision of encouraging collaboration and involvement amongst students everywhere.