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Meet Our Executive Team


Co-Presidents: Claudiu Ilioi 

Claudiu is a Senior at Westview High School and a Co-President at Students Tutor Students. He joined STS in hopes of strengthening the relationship between STS and the community. Claudiu will do what it takes to help erase any of the new generation's barriers to accessing high-quality education. Claudiu will use his knowledge of math, computer science, and business to help grow STS. Claudiu also enjoys golfing and playing guitar.


Co-Presidents: Sudarshan Gokul

Sudarshan Gokul is a Senior at Westview High School and a Co-President at StudentsTutorStudents. Sudarshan's primary interests lie in Neuroscience and Radiology, and he cares deeply about underprivileged children who have the talent but have limited opportunities due to financial and social circumstances. Sudarshan aims to project the organization to a wider audience and spread opportunities to underprivileged children.


Chief Technology Officer: Vikram Prabhakar

Vikram is a Senior at Sunset High School and is the Chief Technology Officer of Students Tutor Students. He was greatly interested making an impact to those who would benefit from educational assistance that could not be provided by schools. Vikram’s primary interests lie in computer science and management.


Assistant Director of App Development: Mohit Mohanraj

Mohit is a junior at Westview High School and Assistant Director of App Development. His passions lie within statistics and business and how they can affect society. His main interests within the organization are providing a learning experience for those in certain circumstances that cannot obtain a normal education. For these reasons he was inspired to join STS and help make a difference in his community with his peers. Mohit’s hobbies are cooking and Spikeball!


Director of outreach: Saransh Singh

Saransh is a Senior at Westview High School and the Director of outreach at Students Tutor Students. He wishes to create a better relationship between STS and the community. Saransh wishes to achieve these plan goals through spreading awareness and will work with others to further the goal of helping the community and all students involved. His main goal is to help his community the most he can. Saransh's interests include math, science, and helping others.


Public Relations Director: Rahul Iyer

Rahul Iyer is a Senior at Sunset High School and the director of public relations at Student Tutor Students. Rahul’s interests lie in math and business. Rahul has always wanted to help the kids who are unable to show their talent because of outside circumstances. Rahul as being the public relations director plans on helping students around the world and creating connections with those students


Assistant Director of Outreach: Charlie Palensky

Charlie is a Junior at Westview High School and the Assistant Director of Outreach for Students Tutor Students. In his spare time he enjoys tennis, chemistry, computer application, and reading. In school Charlies favorite subjects are Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts. He is thankful and excited to be working alongside the other STS team members on their shared vision of encouraging collaboration and involvement amongst students everywhere.

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