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School Chapters

Education only thrives when our students, teachers, and school faculty thrive. All students deserve an experience that fulfills and empowers them. The school system is by no means perfect, and that’s why we want you to join us as a Students Tutor Students representative and resident changemaker in our journey of improving education for all.


With our school chapter program, we aim to build a community of passionate students and support them in making tangible impacts at their schools. Students have always had the power to change education locally, we’re just trying to bring that potential up to the surface. Will you step up and face the challenge?

We have a simple 3 step process to start a chapter


Step 0: Applying to become a school coordinator:

Gain access to a community of like minded changemakers.


Step 1: Slow down and observe. Pay attention to not just the curriculum in your classes and clubs. What is the environment, teachers, and students like? Look for issues at your school that you have the ability to address. Within our program, you’ll be working with a chapter agent to identify problems that are within student preview.


Step 2: Brainstorm. We have a range of resources and a community for you to discuss and interact with to help you come up with a strong plan to address select issues you’ve observed. From job fairs to asynchronous learning guides, your opportunities are endless, and we want to help you find the solution best fit to the problems at your school.


Step 3: Equipped with an actionable plan, it is now the time to act. We’ll work with you all the way to keep you on track and provide you with support when you need it. Build a team or club, and inspire others to work alongside you! Students Tutor Students loves to see students realizing their power and making a change in their community.

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